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The Biosphere Process©™ System

The Company enjoys a licensing agreement with McCormack Consulting, the inventors, developers and owners of the patented Biosphere Process©™ System and all rights and title thereto. The Biosphere Process©™ System provides for the conversion of waste materials (which includes municipal solid waste, agricultural or forestry surpluses or wastes, industrial or medical waste materials or traditional fossil fuels) in a process that includes, initially, the automatic separation of metals and plastics, the formation of organic compost and the heating of the organic residue left from the separation process to very high temperatures in a separate chamber, which is deprived of oxygen. The heating of the organic waste in this manner (i.e. in an oxygen deprived environment) prevents combustion, smoke and odour, and transforms the waste into steam and other gasses, which then run a turbine to produce electricity. The remaining solid waste then becomes a pulverized powder, and can be sold as a by-product for use in the building industry.

The Biosphere Process©™ System heats and converts solid waste in an atmosphere that does not produce smoke or odour and therefore is capable of being placed directly in the centre of populated areas with no non-permit able pollution release to the atmosphere. The System can also be used specifically for the purpose of producing electricity for local use – an ability in great demand in developing countries. Additionally, the Biosphere Process©™ System is effective for the elimination of infectious medical and toxic waste.

When the Company’s operating plans are fully implemented, the Biosphere Process©™ System is expected to produce revenues for its operators from garbage tipping fees, recycling of metals, the sale of building products, papers and plastics, and the sale of electrical power and steam. The Company will derive its revenues as royalty streams paid to the Company by Biosphere operators and licensees. Several license and royalty agreements have been negotiated as detailed herein.
To better develop its business model the company has divided its license and royalty agreements between Biosphere Development Corporation (Canada), which has been granted a master license to sell and operate Biosphere Systems in Asia, and Sahara Petroleum Exploration Corp (Canada)., which has been granted a master license to sell and operate Biosphere Process©™ Systems  in Europe and the Americas. A third license exists with Canadian company True Green Energy based in Manila in the Philippines. That license is now subject to review for non-performance. 
The Biosphere Process©™  is most easily described in a format where it is operated using Municipal SolidWaste (MSW) as a feedstock although the Biosphere Process©™ System operates equally well as a micro power generation system consuming  any  waste  material, including  agricultural  or  forestry surpluses or wastes, industrial or medical waste materials or traditional fossil fuels.
The Biosphere Process©™ System when operated on MSW takes place in five distinct stages:
Stage One:  MSW is collected and brought to a centralized Biosphere Process©™  facility.  Each facility is designed as a “one stop shop” providing for up to 100% recycling of the total tonnage of MSW collected. The Biosphere Process©™  facilities are economically viable at as little as 5-8 Tons/hr and can be constructed in closed  facilities  of as little as 3000 square ft. Each Biosphere Process©™  facility is designed to be a stand-alone facility, with internal positive air control ensuring that the facility does not emit any non-permit able emissions to the atmosphere.
Stage Two: The MSW is sorted to provide separation for compost production, plastics and rubber recovery, metals, glass and aggregate recovery, and finally, electrical power generation. Typically operating at a rate of 30 tons/hour, each receiving line separates MSW into two feedstock streams comprising putrescible (organic) and non-putrescible (non-organic) materials.
Putrescible  materials  usually  comprise  around 20% by volume are rapidly composted and recycled into high nutrient value soil  additives and  fertilizers using a proprietary vertical accelerated composter.  Non-putrescible  materials are further  sorted to allow plastics and rubber recovery  at around 10% of volume before  being  shredded  in  advance  of  valuable  metals recovery. All of the recoverable aluminium and ferrous metals are removed from the waste stream, using rotating trammels equipped with band magnets, and hand picking stations designed to achieve the maximum possible percentage recovery of these materials.  Finally glass, aggregates, concrete products and sand are removed using a Biosphere Separator™2 which achieves the following separation percentages; metals, 3.1%, glass 5.2%, aggregates, concrete, dirt and sand 8.0% and finally residual materials suitable for power generation equal to not more than 53.7% by volume of the initial MSW.
Stage Three: In stage three of the process, all other material in the waste stream is forced through a Biosphere Densifier™3, which compacts the MSW into 20g flakes termed Biosphere Flakes™4 at the rate of 30Tons/hour, these flakes drive the Biosphere Process©™ .
Stage Four: The Biosphere Flakes™ are converted into a 1000(degree)C - 1800(degree)C flux using a Biosphere  Venturi™5. The process is designed to produce a high value inert pozzolanic material, which is then recycled into concrete products for the building industry, thus ensuring up to 100% recycling of all MSW handled through the Biosphere Process©™   completely replacing traditional land filling as a method of waste disposal.
Stage Five: The 1000(degree)C - 1800(degree)C  flux produced in stage four is used to power a turbine for micro power generation, a by-product of which is electricity and steam which can be used to power local industry including desalination facilities.
Every man, woman and child, the population of the developed world, produces up to one-half ton of MSW per annum; the vast majority of which is, at present, simply land filled and allowed to decay.  Not only is such a practice out-dated, having changed little in hundreds of years, but also it is costly and wasteful of what have for some time been recognized as finite natural resources. The Biosphere Process©™  is a new development that allows for up to 100% recycling of the resource that MSW represents.
The Biosphere Process©™  in addition to consuming MSW as a feedstock is an “omnivorous” micro power generation system. The Biosphere Process©™  will operate and generate electricity using MSW, traditional fossil fuels, agricultural wastes or surpluses, forestry wastes or surpluses, industrial waste streams, cellulose or hemicelluloses biomass waste streams, lignin, or any manner of waste material.
Such energy credits, form the basis of the greenhouse-gas trade, and are the backbone of a developing global industry. This expected trade will provide a further impetus for multinational companies, national governments and member states in both the European Union and elsewhere to champion the  commercial  use of MSW and waste  materials and importantly the remediation of existing landfills,  which conversely are fast becoming a natural resource. Not only are landfills  a rich  source of  metals,  8-10% high grade aluminium and ferrous metals, and of silicates, sands and building  aggregates, but they also contain  significant  volumes of combustible fuel material with an exceptionally high calorific content, highly suitable for power generation. The Biosphere Process©™ System can also be fuelled by traditional fossil fuels, oil, and natural gas.
The Company subcontracts all of its manufacturing requirements to independent third party manufacturers. Pursuant to Biosphere Technology License Agreements, the Company has also sub-licensed a number of entities to manufacture, sell and operate Biosphere Process©™ Systems . These agreements will provide for turnkey manufacturing, installation and maintenance of the Biosphere Process©™ Systems .

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Global' s interests include alternative energy sources, environmental infrastructure, electrical micro-power generation and liquid fuel production. Global' s shares trade in the US with the stock symbol GEECF and in Germany with the stock symbol GLI.

Global has been awarded licenses to and is involved in the development and commercialization of several technologies in the waste to energy sector, including electrical power generation and liquid fuel production.

Globals Biosphere Process©™[1] System is a waste to energy system to which the company holds a license granted to the company by the technologies inventors. Global is currently developing and negotiating additional licensing opportunities.

Global currently grants and then relies upon its non-exclusive Biosphere Technology License Manufacturing and Operating Agreements as its potential source of revenue and royalty income. To better protect the Company's intellectual property rights whilst maximizing the potential revenue return to the company, all existing and new Biosphere Technology License agreements are reviewed annually.

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